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Finding the perfect puppy is hard! We make it easy.

Texas puppies for sale

With thousands of options online for puppies, picking the best breeder is way more difficult than it should be. When you need an escape from bad breeders, puppy mills and scams, it’s time to pick from one of the ethical, humane breeders and businesses at Florida Puppies!

Did you know...

Dogs have always been popular, but their popularity today is at an all-time high. From classic purebred dogs like the Golden Retriever to modern hybrids like the Labradoodle or Pomsky, we’re truly living in peak puppy mania.

The problem is...

While it’s true that finding puppies online is easier than ever, finding a healthy, happy puppy is harder than ever. Con artists, backyard breeders and puppy mills make a living taking advantage of unsuspecting families with poorly bred, mistreated puppies.

The truth is...

Telling the difference between a mill and a good breeder isn’t that simple. Your typical online puppy search will show off results with the best advertising and marketing—not necessarily the most ethical or humane breeders.

Welcome to Texas Puppies for Sale

No scams, no mills, no bad breeders. Florida Puppies for Sale vets and evaluates the top breeders and businesses in the US so you don’t have to. We make it easy and safe to find your dream dog.

Our Mission

We want to make your life easier by connecting great puppies, great breeders and great families in one place.


We connect amazing families like yours with the best dog breeders and businesses we could find.


We help educate buyers and breeders on the downsides of unethical breeding, and shine the spotlight on the businesses and breeders who get it right.


We help accelerate the decline and disappearance of scams and puppy mills to create a safer, more ethical dog breeding industry.